The goal for this platform is to lower the suicide rate. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death within the LGBT community. That is so sad. Through this platform we will remind people that they are loved, cared for, wanted in this world. We will help people discover themselves, come to terms with themselves, help educate them on anything they need. This is a safe place for anyone within the community to come, be themselves, learn, and love. We also hope that this helps in the fight towards equality for all. Overall we want to achieve less discrimination towards the community, bring awareness to those who are unaware.

Please check out our website, http://www.safehavenlgbtq.com to find the chat based help & our state of the art community resources section.

If you are interested in becoming a talk leader, reach out to us via email; Safehavenlgbtqapp@gmail.com. 


I need to Thank Emily and Safe Haven . an hour ago I was a hot mess and not close to thinking clearly, I have no idea how or where or even why I stumbled upon it, but, there it was and I think I am able to sleep tonight thanks to the patience shown to me at a time I needed to be heard, Life can be rough and at times even worse for us as a community , Believe me I do not often ask for help but I thank God they are here , I love this and I thank you all

Wendy From Facebook

Thank you for helping people in our communities! 

Siobhan From Facebook

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